Just One Request

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With a storm on the horizon Herold loaded his wagon and hitched his horse. Large drops began to fall as he cinched up tarp. It’s going to be a long ride. He thought as the rhythm of the rain increased. Despite his large brim hat the rain peppered his face. Wave upon wave of rain began to fall making is almost impossible to see the road.

“Lord change this rain and make it blow the opposite way.” Herold prayed.

The rain stayed steady and refused to change its course. “Lord please send some relief and make this rain blow the opposite way.”

Over and over Herold prayed this simple prayer all the way into town. To his dismay, the rain stayed steady. Finally reaching his destination he unloaded the wagon and began to head back while the storm continued. At least the rain will finally be to my back. He jested to himself. Herold watched in disbelief as the rain slowly shifted directions and started “blowing the opposite way”, just as Herold had asked.

Unpleased with the weather, Herold prayed once more. “Well Lord, you sure picked a fine time to answer my prayer.” And with that, our wet wagoneer traveled home, regretting his initial request.


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