Brotherly Love (part two)

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Two weeks later.

A cool morning breeze carried the aroma of fresh Columbian coffee across Christian’s nose as he realized he had fallen asleep in the living room again. Slowly stretching as he stood up, he zombie walked to the bathroom. Splashing cold water on his face instantly brought a sense of  rejuvenation.

Pouring his first cup of java and placing two waffles in the toaster, Christian started to plan his day. Saturday was his relax-day. A day for sight-seeing, visiting museums, or just staying in and doing nothing at all. With his first sip, he thought about his brother. He would love to go visit him this weekend, but after initiating adoption paperwork, it just seemed awkward going to his mother’s house. It had been a couple of weeks since filing with his caseworker, and he was sure his mother received notification of his intent. Two waffles interrupted his thoughts as they jumped up. A topping of butter and syrup completed the ensemble.

Three solid knocks erupted from the front door. Christian almost spilt his coffee.

“Yeah?” Christian shouted his inquiry.

“Hey Christian, open up it’s Luke.”

A puzzled looked crossed Christian’s face. Uncle Luke? He doesn’t even come around for the holidays. What does he want?

Outside the door stood an average build five foot ten inch man, with a face weathered by hard times. Christian knew his uncle served a prison term, and this visit was not for pleasantries. Opening the door, he gave his uncle the benefit of the doubt and started with a smile.

“Good morning Uncle.”

A fist came out of nowhere and Christian fell flat against a wall. Wall? There wasn’t a wall behind me. With his head ringing he realized he was, in fact, lying on the floor. That was the first time he had ever been knocked off of his feet like that.

“Get up!” Luke shouted.

I have to find my legs first. Christian thought as he rolled over to his stomach.

The floor under him began to slide away as his uncle started dragging him to the bathroom by his leg. Oh! There’s my legs. His humor maintain what composure he had left. The sliding stopped, but was soon followed by two more fists to his face.

Shouting expletives as pain riddled his nose bridge, Christian began to ask why his uncle was attacking him. Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck, Luke plunged his head into the toilet. The sound of his uncle shouting an explanation could be heard, but the splashing of the water prevented any comprehension. Besides, the only thing Christian was thinking at this time was, Thank god I flushed this morning.

“Do you understand?” Luke shouted as he pulled Christian’s head out of the toilet.

“Yes!” In truth he had no idea what he was agreeing to, but Christian knew saying yes would end his uncle’s fury, at least he hoped it would.

“Good.” and with that Luke left.

Soaked, Christian just sat on the floor. His face was a pulsating heartbeat. Looking around, everything was wet. How did so much water come from his toilet? He had to have flushed while my head was in there. This is a lot of water. Standing up, he hurt all over as a bloody reflection revealed a broken nose.

“Hello?” a male voice inquired. “This is the police, anyone there.”

“Yeah, in the bathroom.” Christian answered.

A neighbor had called complaining about the noise. A couple of paramedics helped clean and evaluated his face. A broken nose needs resetting, but without proper insurance that wasn’t happening.  Christian talked one of the paramedic into setting it for him.

“How are you going to get good at it if you don’t practice?” he smile.

Crackling cartilage and a few choice words signaled his regret for making that statement,  But, the relief that followed made it worthwhile. After seeing the three patrons to the door and giving the police the information he needed, Christian returned to the kitchen.

Nothing says Saturday morning like coffee, waffles and a visit from Uncle Luke.
















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