Brotherly Love (part one)

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“So, how long will it be before I can adopt my brother?” Christian inquired,

Confusion burned his thoughts as he grappled to make sense of the process.

“I don’t have time to wait. He is in a volatile home.” he explained.

“If his life is in danger, then I would suggest calling child services. They will be able to help.” The caseworker shot him a quick glance then continued typing.

Christian could feel the heat from his neck rising. Twice he called them for help, and twice they called his mother notifying her of what date they were stopping by for an evaluation. His mother deserved an Oscar for her acting abilities. Why couldn’t she be that kind of mother everyday? Memories of the abuse he received before he moved out on his own vexed his thoughts. No, this is how I’m going to beat her. I will let the system work. A calm air of confidence lowered his shoulders. He knew this was the best way. This was how he was going to save his brother.

Patiently he filed his adoption request via his caseworker, then headed home. His two bedroom apartment wasn’t much, but it was his. Someday he would own a two story home with a three car garage. Someday takes a long time to arrive. He chuckled to himself. His mind sorted out the events of the day as he sat on his futon, blankly staring at the network TV show. Despite the caseworkers numb attitude, her “post-script” hung in his ears. Repeating her words he softly muttered “I really do hope everything works out.” Was that part of her act or was she sincere?  Social confusion or misunderstanding resulted from the mental abuse his mother dished out. It was hard to tell what others really meant. Sarcasm was difficult to grasp. His eyes grew heavy as the day’s adventure began to take it’s toll.

His mind turned towards the events to come. A call from his mother stating her disapproval was certain. How would he handle it? Like a change in the air before a storm, he knew hard times were coming. It was time for him to adult-up and do what was right, regardless of the cost.

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