A Cooling Walk

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Brandon’s neck feverishly burnt from the constant rebutting from his wife. He remained collected as she explained why they “needed” a seventy pound yearling pup. Her adamant argument hinged around them rescuing this dog. The words “Yes, but…” met every point he was trying to make.

“We can afford to feed a dog of this size. We are literally one medical accident away from bankruptcy.” He stated. The truth of his statement hit him hard. He was working overtime just to make ends meet. If he got injured and couldn’t go to work, they would loose everything. Why can’t she get that through her thick skull/ Why must she always want to complicate things

“Yes, but we need to rescue him. The lady at the pet store said that they had too many dogs and without people willing to rescue them they be terminated at a young age.” Brittany volleyed back.

Asking to ensure he heard her correctly, “So this lady stated that the pet store couldn’t afford to take care of him?” He wanted to wait for a reply but the next question jumped out of his mouth. “If they can’t afford it, what makes you think we can, Brittany?”

“Yes, but they were going to kill him. I couldn’t just walk away.”

“Yes! Yes you could, but you let someone tug on your heart and now we have another bill. Thank you! Thank you for adding to our debt.” The screen door slammed as he finished his sentence.

“At least I have a heart!” was heard as he walked towards to woods. He needed to get out of there fast. He wanted to walk, move, or think. Arguing only made things worse. A walk in the forest would calm him down.

A cool autumn breeze blew as leaves crunched under his feet. All he could think about it that dog. He and Brittany were young and freshly married. They had a one year old daughter and planned on having one more child. He was a carpenter. The work was hard and the pay tight, but he was good at his job. Within another three years he would have enough time in to start bidding on foreman jobs. He kicked around that idea as he reached his small pond, but his attention turned towards their finance.

Walking around it’s edge he began to think about their expenses. There was room for improvement. For starters, he could take lunch in. He was spending $10-$15 per day. That could save them two hundred dollars a month just by doing that. A few more cut backs on his part and he was saving $500 per month. That’s two car payments. He thought to himself.

After taking a slow walk around the pond he began to head back to the trailer house. Perhaps they could “rescue” that pup. He knew how much it would mean to Brittany.  He wished she had talked to him about it. Not for permission, but to let him front load him on her intension. Walking in and seeing this oversized horse of a dog leaping around the living room was a sensory overload that he was not prepared for. All he could see was another group of bills to pay.  His emotions got the best of him.

As he left the forest and entered the field he began to think of Mr. Williams who kept inquiring about renting his field to grow his crop. Brandon smiled. I’ll just have Mr. Williams pay for that dog.

“Have a nice walk.” Brittany asked.

“Yeah.” his voice was low and hesitant. He knew the was in the wrong and she was about to let him know.

“Good. We’re still keeping the dog.” She informed him.

“Yeah, I know.” he conceded. “Look, I’m sorry for flying off and losing my temper. It’s just that after working all day and coming home to that horse bouncing around… well… It hit me wrong. I wasn’t prepared for that.” after voicing his point he watch her stern expression.

“I can see that.” and she began to walk towards the back door. Brandon took a step only to have a finger pointing in his face. “The next time you want to question my heart you should ask yourself why I have it to you. It’s my heart and I’ll do with it as I please.” seeing the seriousness in Brandon’s face she knew her point was made.

“Yes, ma’am.” Brandon smiled.

The two embraced each other. Neither new what storms were ahead, but they had each other, and that was enough. Moments like this afforded them the opportunity to grow together and live in unity. Two young lovers were bent to make it through this carousel of life as they held onto each other, vowing to never let go.






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