Solitary Confinement

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Soft repetitious beeps of Kelly’s nightstand alarm greeted her day. Stiffness made for a slow rise out of bed. Compound that with being 81 with aches and pains and one could understand the morning groans that were composed as she made her way to the bathroom. A splash of cold water washed the sleep from her eyes and brought a refreshing feeling. This was how she loved to start her day. Smiling, she looked her reflection. A smile is the first thing everyone should see. Everyone deserves a smile. Her children use to hear these words everyday. To Kelly, there wasn’t enough happiness in the world. Everyone seemed content with griping and complaining. Be a simple-man was her motto.

After making her way to the kitchen, she turned on the magical machine of instant happiness, also known as the coffee pot. A soft gentle roar was heard from within the machine, signaling hot water was on it’s way. After inserting one pod, a single stream of delight filled her smiling coffee cup.

The autumn air was crisp and cool with the scent of morning fires warming the neighborhood houses. Setting on the screened-in porch, she watch the world start. A white car past. That’s Janet. She’s off to drop the kid’s at daycare then work. Thomas should be rolling by in his red and brown truck. He has a lawn servicing business. Several minutes past as she sipped on her coffee. She could feel the warmth of the coffee as her fingers hugged the cup. A red and brown truck past by and Kelly began to rock back and forth. This morning was off to a good start. The birds and squirrels were busy gathering food as the sky turned from early morning dawn to mid-morning.

Lunch time rolled around as she listened to the classical station on the radio. The afternoon news brought reports of drama and conflict. She waited as the taste of mayonnaise dominated her bologna sandwich. The radio station began reporting the latest improvements in the world. People being nice to other people, animals being rescued, and many more topics of good new were given during this segment.

This was the turning point of her day. As the day drew to a close so did her happiness. Evening shadows loomed as depression set in. Loneliness set in as she began to miss her husband. This is about the time he would come home from work. She sat on the front porch listening to the radio. Pull of the violin filled the air. It had been three month since anyone had checked on Kelly. Three months alone. Her heart began to pain. All I want is someone to talk to. Is that too much to ask. She watched as her children, Thomas and Janet, drove by. They were busy with their lives, and Kelly understood that. She just wished they would stop in and visit. No one deserves to live their last days in solitary confinement. But tomorrow is a new day, and I shall wake up with a smile. Everyone deserves a smile.

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