Isabelle’s Adventure

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No door can hold the excitement of an eight year old girl, eager to announce her triumphed adventures of the day. The serenity of the old row home shattered as Isabelle shouted for her mother. Her little feet took quick heavy steps as paper shopping bag handle loaded both arms.

“Mom, mom, mom, Nanna and I are back.” Isabelle announce with a bit of exhaustion she set the bags down at her mother’s feet.

“So I see.” Mary answered. “Where is Nanna?”

“Oh no, I left Nanna.”

Mary smiled as her daughter quickly vacated the room. Knowing that her mother and daughter would return soon, from their adventures, she put an afternoon pot of coffee on. As she took a sip, the two pathfinders made their way in to the kitchen.

Mary pointed towards the coffee pot as Isabelle started recapping their day. Turning down the offer Nanna took a seat next to her daughter and the two listened as the young imagination began to unfold.

“So! This morning, mom, we stormed the ice castle, and there we met Dave the magnificent. He had a collection of frozen goodies that would blow your mind. We made our offer and he refused and said no. Then he went to the back and got the mother load of all frozen treats. It had everything in it… and then some.”

Mary looked at her mother. Nanna gave a quick explanation. “We went to the ice cream store. She wanted nature trail mix ice cream, but they were out. So Dave, went to the back and retrieved a new batch. Thus she started her day with ice cream.”

Isabella squinched her face. “That sounds boring when you say it.”

“I’m sorry Izzy, but your mother doesn’t speak ‘adventure’ and she needs a translator. Fortunately, I am fluent in ‘boring’.” Nanna explained

Considering the probability that Nanna was correct Isabelle continued. “Oh, OK. Well, then we went to the glass kingdom. The outside was all stone and brick but inside was all glass. Even the roof was glass, because you could see the sun shining everywhere. And in the center was a magical water fountain that the people of the kingdom gave offerings to. They came from far and near to toss a coin in and make a wish. The bigger the wish, the more coins you needed. That’s how it works with wishes. At first everything looked normal and the people looked happy, but then I realized that everyone was walking in circle. They were under a magical spell that forced them to walk forever. Nanna and I left before we fell under the spell too.”

“We went to the mall and walked around until she got bored and we moved on.” The two turned back to the plot spinner.

“That’s when we to the forest of doom.”

“The park.” Nanna interjected.

“The greedy trees hoarded all of the sun and brought darkness to the land. No one would dare enter for fear of disappearing forever into the shadows of the trees forever. Except for Nanna. Nanna didn’t have anything to worry about because… well, she’s Nanna and nobody messes with Nanna… not even Nanna.”

Mary burst out in laughter. Watching the comical complexity of her daughter’s face combined with a valley girl voice of explanation was too much. After collecting herself she motioned for Isabelle to continue.

“Right, so after the forest of doom we started our way back home. The ride back was good until we were swallowed up by a monster.”

“The bay tunnel.”

“You could tell Nanna wasn’t scared, She drove all the way from that monster’s mouth to it’s stomach and down until we finally came out of it’s…” Lost for words, Isabelle fought to find the proper description. Staring intensely a fist that she held up a face level, she quickly opened her fingers. “Boop! We came out and arrived home.”

Looking up, Isabelle noticed that her audience was laughing intensely. Smiling at the product of her narrative she concluded with the only two word that properly concludes any story.

“The end.”


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