The Demon We All Must Face

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Every muscle crystalized as Louie noticed the faceless humanoid following him. The primal instinct between fight or flight ensued within his head. His body, frozen in time, waited for orders. Seconds felt like minutes as he feverishly fanned between the two choices,  RUN!

Sheltering behind a tree, Louie stopped to catch his breath. With a jackhammer heart he fought to listen for the creatures footsteps. The sound of pleasant conversation drifted in the background. Unfortunately, as chance would have it, he was the only one who seen the creature. Why was it following him? Images of the faceless being were etched into his memories. He knew it was looking at him. He could feel it peering  at him. Slowly his heart sustained a tempo primo rhythm.

Creeping a look behind him, Louie’s eye locked onto the creature standing inches away on the other side of the tree. Horror belted an involuntary scream from his lungs as he lounged into a full sprint. Frantically fighting to sustain balance he continued to scream. Tears began to stream. He had to keep running. A glimpse back revealed it was too late. The creature grabbed at his feet. The beast was upon him. A wale belted from his soul as he gave in to the hopelessness.

A pair of arms reached down and engulfed Louie in an embracing hug.

“Aw, did lil Louie find his shadow today?” Louie’s mother asked.

Turning to her friend, “They are so cute at this age.”


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