Horrible Driver

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No one wants to hear how horrible their driving is. After all, I’m the best driver out there. Other drivers are idiots. 🙂

I apologize for the name calling.

To prove my point I downloaded an app called Everdrive. Turns out I take corners as though I’m on a roller-coaster,  I dig into my brakes a little too hard (oh look everyone in the car is leaning forward again), and I accelerate like a bullet.  That best driver title faded rather quickly. 

After being shown where my flaws were, I started improving each area measured by the app; phone use, acceleration, braking,  cornering, and speeding. I never considered myself as a speeder, just a “five over” type of guy. Turns out, I sped a lot. There were times I blew by slower zones without realizing they were there. This was a wake-up call. I sucked as a driver, not to the extreme but you get the picture. 

Now I drive the speed limit, not five over. Yes, people pass me. People passed me when I did ten over, I mean five. What I did find interesting is that while people passed me, there was another group of drivers that drove the speed limit too. The commute has turned more relaxful. I stay in the right lane, unless I’m turning left up ahead. I’ve reduced my chances of being pulled over. And, my gas mileage has increased by 2 mpg. 

As of today, I am in the top 20 percent of state-wide driver who use this app, and I’m number one in my city. My driving score is 99.5 in NC. This doesn’t prove I’m the best driver. However, I am becoming more safe and less reckless. End the end, that’s what matters, being safe and reducing casualties and injuries. Do you use this app? I would love to hear your driving score and state. 

– cheers 🙂


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