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I love numbers. They are solid as long as we understand what we are looking at. With all of the job applications I have submitted, I figured I’d look at what the “average” US family is making and paying. Turns out, we work too much. Here’s the numbers.
The 2010 Census enumerated 308.7 million people in the United States, a 9.7 percent increase from 281.4 million in Census 2000. Of the total population in 2010, 300.8 million lived in 116.7 million households for an average of 2.58 people per household.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in September 2014 that: U.S. real (inflation adjusted) median household income was $51,939 in 2013 versus $51,759 in 2012, statistically unchanged. In 2013, real median household income was 8.0 percent lower than in 2007, the year before the latest recession.

The average monthly cost of living in the United States for a single adult with three children is $5,956. This adds up to an average annual cost of living of $71,476. The average monthly cost of living in the United States for a single adult with four children is $6,334.

Here’s a nice calculator to play around with.Click here.

Family Budget Calculator

The US economic system is built to ensure debt. Credit scores were created to show how well people paid back their debt. The system is build to ensure debt. It’s normal in the US for both parents to work or single parents to have two jobs. Yes the numbers above may be skewed from higher income families, however, there’s a line of truth in it. US families work more with less vacations than a lot of third world countries. Meaning, while the third world countries may have less, they’re taking more time off to enjoy what they do have.

There are only two things to do in life. Live life and be happy. Keep life simple and it will be easier to enjoy.


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