Look At Us Now

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I remember the 80’s. Social anxiety was stirred by media. It looked similar to today’s media. Skin color was the primary adjective use to describe a person. Sadly, it still is today.
Back then, as “black communities” started to pull together, media asked a simple question. “How dark does your skin need to be in order to be considered “black”?” Soon the brown paper bag became the dividing line. If a person was darker than the bag, then they were “black”. This caused a dived in the community and their unity crumbled. 
How do we come together and stay together? 
Stop listening to media. Turn off the radio’s and TV’s. Talk to each other. Read the news. However, while reading, skim through and filter out the opinionated comments. Keep each other informed. We should be our main source of news and events. There is so much that we can do with social media. But first, we must reboot our way of thinking. We must look beyond the chromatics of our epidermis and see the humanity in everyone. 
We can do better. Dark days will come. Come as they may, we must never lose our unity. We wouldn’t abandon our children in their time of need. We need each other. As we pass each other on the walk, smile to one another. It’s contagious and the simplest form of hope. We bring flavor to this world with our creativity and inspirations.
We are a million shades of earth tone, and we paint this world beautiful. However, every shade of humanity can be found in our hearts, and we make this world beautiful.
Focus on our similarities, and embrace the constructs of humanity. We have created so much beauty. Like salt to a steak we have added to the experience of this world. This joyous truth should not be tainted. 
How many ways can we divide humanity? Rich, poor, Asian, Latino, Catholic, Protestant, east-coast, west-coast, north, south, me, you. Division continues until there are only singularities. Singularities will never unite. We will never unite until we drop our differences. 
The choice is ours to make. It starts with me accepting you and you accepting me. We will learn to enjoy our similarities, our common grounds. We will take this ideology to others and keep it in practice. Together we can overcome our differences.


One thought on “Look At Us Now

    Samantha said:
    July 11, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    I always thought about how many ways exist to “sort” humans, but I never got further than step 1: we are all human. Seemed pointless to continue creating boxes or labels, as in our purest essence we’re all the same.

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