Predicating Perception

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Perception is a gift and a curse. We must understand the gravity of our decisions. Life is neither for us nor against, rather with us. Our relation to it is our responsibility.

Life is a musical balance swinging us into motion. The rhythm takes us on a journey and feeds our soul. Happiness fills the room as we share the moment with those around us. Our bodies perpetuate through each song, dancing further into the night. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Our bodies become tired as the love of the moment carries us into the night.

Life is a constant step towards death. It’s inevitability draws us closer with each breath we take. War, disease, and famine accelerates our fate. Hate, prejudice, and intolerance  creates our morose mindset. Without faulter, we accept our diluted reality. “Do unto others before they do unto us” becomes out motto. Happiness is a delusional denial of life’s cruel joke. Peace comes with death as the metronome ticks away. The past fades while the future is not clear. We are alone in our present tense.

Two views on the same vivid life that embodies us all. Our revelation of reality is nothing more than our perception personifying our petty quibbles. In the end we are nothing more than organic bipeds circling a star travelling on its own course. Life is happening whether we like it or not. It holds no bearing over our perception. The manner we choose to exhibit our perception of reality is our for the making. Take heed to the responsibility set forth.


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