Maintaining Happiness

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We have come so far in our humanity. Slavery is no longer acceptable. Diseases that plagued us are simply controlled through vaccines. We ride in vehicles that cover hundreds of miles in one day.  We are in contact with  people miles away through a little mobile device. Indeed, we have come so far.

We are able to communicate to people we have never met nor seen. This is simply amazing.  Communication is a powerful tool. It is equally good as it is bad. Gossip, rumors,and lies are the negative  aspects of communication. Caution should be used when it comes to what we listen to. Do we fill our ears with joy or drama? The choice is ours.

Our emotions are driven by what we see and what we hear. As we continue to seek a life full of happiness, we should consider what affects that happiness. It is impossible to alleviate all despair from our lives. Bad times will come. However, the more we focus on the good side of life, the less impact tragedy has on our lives. We may feel remorse, but it will not keep us down.

When everything around us projects negativity, we should pause and set in silence. Taking a moment to stop, breathe, and collect ourselves allows for the dust to settle. With the static and confusion gone, we are able to maintain a stronger positive mindset. It’s easy to get caught up in the ramblings of the world. It takes discipline to stay grounded.

We have come so far. However, we have so far to go. May we all find and maintain our happiness.


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