Results From Open Hip Stretch

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I have been looking forward to this run for a week now. Last week, I started a new hip stretch.  The open hip stretch  was intense, but I survived. My biggest folly proved to be my lack of flexibility. 

The air was still and cool. Well, Louisiana cool. I conducted my routine static stretches, then began my run. At first, my legs were not “feeling it.” Three laps in, they finally warmed up. I kept a steady pace that slowly dropped with each half mile. I know this due to the constant reminder from my phone.  Two miles couldn’t come quick enough. I walked the third mile as the sun began to heat everything. 

I completed this run/walk sequence one more time. It felt excellent completing six miles. As for my hips, they feel pretty pleasant considering the mileage I just put on them. Good shoes and a rubber track helped too.

This has been a great start for this Monday. Now it’s off to the showers and then the DAV. Hope everyone has a beautiful Monday. 🙂


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