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Believe it or not, there are cults hiding in plain sight. In the states the best place for a cult to hide is in a church. They claim their religious independence and receive tax breaks from the government.  So how can one identify a church or a cult.

Number one clue”Do you feel sucked in?” Second clue is “Do things seem cloudy”. Cults prey on the emotions. It is their intent to make a person dependent on them. However,  they will not actually assist.  They will direct help towards their victim then take credit for being there for the member. Their victim  is required to make payments. 

“The scripture states that we need to tithe.”

This is a true statement. To which church should we pay tithes to? To be honest, I haven’t given tithes in over a decade. My wife and I have, however, opened our door and housed several people. We have also hosted several holiday events each year to ensure that others are not alone. My wife and I are not floating in money. We live off of a modest income that the government pays me for serving in the military. I would rather take care of the people around me than pay tithes.

We will know them by their fruits.

A church will not beg for us to stay. A church will not make us feel guilty for leaving. A church will support us. A church will provide more than a sermon each week. A church does not take victims in. A church insures that we can stand on our own without their support.  A church makes us better. A cult is quick to point out how much they have helped their “members”. And yet the members are dependent on the “church”.

What do we do if we find ourselves in a cult? Walk away and cut ties. Life is full of happiness. Philippians 4:4 states that we should always rejoice.  Matthew 7:1 states that we should not judge. 

We should live life and be happy. I’m not saying “don’t go to church”. I’m stating that it is important to fully understand where an organization puts its interest when it comes to dealing with us. People in their early 20’s are prime victims.  Their experience level in life is too low for them to see the dangers. They are the easiest to guilt.

What can we do if we know that someone is in a cult – church? Love them. We cannot remove them.  They must remove themselves. However, we can be there for them. We can help them become independent. I have given advice and mentored hundreds of people that were just starting off in life. It sucks starting out on our own, but with proper guidance, the journey starts off better.

Love everyone does not mean trust everyone. 🙂


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