Balancing Work and Home Life

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How many times have we heard the old cliché, work is work and home is home? I call it an old cliché because of the demands of todays work environment. Face it, companies are downsizing employment while increasing the work load. They want to know how much can they milk from us before we crumble. If person B can process 2000 pounds of blah, they want to know why we cannot process 2000 pounds of blah. To add insult to injury we actually try to carry 2000 pounds only to end up broken. So, to keep up, we opt for the alternative of taking some of the work home and finish processing it there. It’s crazy that we take work home. Where did this idea originate in our lives? It came from our school system. We have been programmed to believe that homework is acceptable. However, it is not.

If we are focused on our work while we are at home, then we are not focused on our home. If there is not a balance, then there is room for neglect. When we leave home and go to work, we need to leave home at home. The same is true with work. Yes, there will be exceptions. However, should never be the normality. We should give ourselves enough time to relax before getting home. When we drive we should get in one lane and stick with it. Weaving in and out of traffic is stressful.

But cars are passing me!

Plan for a longer trip to and from work. Stop worrying about who’s going faster. Often times we find ourselves racing other drivers to work. We don’t even like our jobs and yet we are rushing to get there. New Flash! Our place of employment isn’t going anywhere. It’s still going to be right where we left it last. Put on some easy listening music and enjoy the ride. Let people pass. We are in traffic not the Daytona 500.

Do not take work home unless it is an emergency. We don’t take our children to work unless it is an emergency. The same should apply to work. If you need to go into work early or if you need to stay late, let someone know. Take the time to recognize if you have too much on your plate. Sometimes stress at home will boil over and add to the stress at work. We are all human. We all have our limits. At no time should we ever try to surpass these limits without help.

If someone is out performing us, we should swallow our pride and ask how they are able to process 2000 pounds of blah via email. We may find that they have a special tool like a cuddle mug that makes the job a whole lot easier. With the both of you performing at  your peak the company with take notice. But let’s say person B doesn’t want to share his secret. In fact he or she has replied stating that sharing their secret was not in their best interest. Thank them for their time. Let them know that you appreciated taking the time to reply and that you were only seeking a method in increasing the companies production. Don’t forget to CC your supervisor. Dirty? Yes, but it will get the point across.

Companies know that we have families. They also know that they want the most out of their workers. If anyone compromises this, the company will take notice. Companies love a worker with backup plans. If we need someone to watch the children, then we should have two other people on call just incase one should fail. It would behoove us to inform our significant others of our schedule. This way when we don’t show up at home on time, they we know why. If there is a change in plans, let them know. Why? People die in car wrecks everyday. This is common knowledge. We keep the communication fresh to let others know that we are alright.

It is possible to keep home at home and work at work. It takes planning and cooperation from all sides. We manage our budget, diet, and alcohol intake. We should also budge our work and home life. 🙂


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