Coffee With BC Please

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Today I shook the dust off of my running shoes. Due to some foresight, yesterday was a stretch day. Since I took a break from running, I decided the best way to  get back into the routine was by a slow approach.  I’m not a fast runner by any means of the imagination.  Rather, I have my pace and love to keep it. The air was cool and the sky was clear. With a full moon illuminating the track I took off. Four miles later and I could feel the spots that were tight from yesterday’s stretch. A mile walk helped cool the tendons while I maintained some form of constant motion. Upon reaching my fifth mile I started sprinting the long stretches. I say sprint, but it was actually a fast jog with quick feet movement. This went on for a mile and a half. Taking one lap for cool down, I felt pretty good about my accomplishment.  Not bad for a first run after my break. I look forward to my next run.

OBTW I had two BC powders with my coffee. My legs feel fine for now 🙂


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