Find Balance. Live Balanced

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“But what if” is a phrase spoken out of fear. There is nothing wrong with planning for “what if” situations. However, one should not knee-jerk to a rash decision. Once we have set down, deliberated, and executed our plan, the only thing left to do is monitor and make slight adjustments. Fear should never drive our decisions. Yet, we see it everyday.

Life is easy, people make it complicated.  I have been guilty of this. There are only two things for us to do; live life and be happy. But for some odd reason we are compelled to add more agendas. The less moving parts a machine has, the less chance of it failing. Life works in the same manner. The less moving parts we have in our lives, the less chance for failure.

The second part monitors the quantity of moving part we need. There needs to be a balance between too safe and too exciting. This is where it is important to be truthful with ourselves.  We need to learn where our limits are. I am not the clubbing type. I am a home body. Every once in a great while I will go out with friends, but not on a regular basis.  On the flip side, there are people who need to be in a social environment.  Being a home body will bore them to death.  That’s not happiness. Learn our limits.

So let’s say a catastrophe comes our way. Who is going to be able to deal with the catastrophe best, the individual who is balanced or the individual who is unbalanced? I once had a unexpected bill for $2000 show up. It was to no fault of my own, but it did need to be paid. Luckily I had been saving a little here and there and was able to settle the bill. Keeping a balanced life is like preparing for that unexpected bill. If our stress level is maintained at a low level, then a catastrophe is more manageable.

Maintaining a low  stress level will prevent us from needing to resort to “what if” scenarios. We will not need a knee-jerk reaction. Maintaining a low stress level will allow time for planning. This starts with knowing ourselves and being truthful with ourselves.  If we are home bodies and our besties are social butterflies. There is a good chance that we will not be in the middle of the action all of the time. And that is alright.  Even social butterflies need to land sometimes.

Find the balance. Live the balance 🙂

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    March 17, 2016 at 5:50 am

    Good point…

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