Apostasy is life.

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Apostasy  [uh pos tuh see] means to turn away from ones principles or beliefs. There was a time when I though this was a bad word. Principles are the foundation of how we lived our lives. To change from these principles means that we abandon who we are.  Right? Not exactly; as we go through life, our beliefs grow and change. Out principles are built from our perception. The experiences we have can change our thoughts. A tragedy can have a detrimental effect on how we perceive the world around us, thus changing our beliefs.

I cannot support the beliefs of my younger years.  Sure, I meant well, but as I grow older my values changed. Life doesn’t stay the same. A fast lifestyle loses its glimmer and I find myself having more compassion for people.  The beliefs and principles of my youth would never support this.

Apostasy is what occurs as we mature, not as we get older. I know plenty of people who get older without maturing. We all change and adopt new ideas. Sure, there is a negative picture painted with this word. Churches have used it for a long time. However, taking it outside of the context of church, apostasy is not such a bad word. It’s a course of action that we all endure.


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