Stress And Cup Sizes

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How many times can we kick a dog before it bites back? The answer is once too many. How much stress can a person take before they break? This is dependent on what size cup they are. Imagine, if you will, that our stress levels were simply cups. Some of us may have a super big gulp cup while others may have a toddler’s sippy cup.  It’s obvious that the super big gulp cup will hold more than the sippy cup. This is why it is important to understand what size cup a person has.

We should never go up to a person and ask what size cup they have. That’s just rude. Rather, we should watch a person overtime and see how they act and react. Take the time to ask if they are alright. Let them know that it’s natural  to be overwhelmed in a stressful situation. Be sure to give them the support they need. We should never pull our support away prematurely.  This is known as setting someone up for failure. It puts a bad mark towards our character.  We should never ridicule someone for the size of their cup. That would be distasteful on our part.

So, how do we sort people and their cup sizes? We don’t. People will sort themselves out. People with sippy cups will ban together, seeking each other’s support. While a big gulp person bares their stress with less support needed. It is also important to point out the importance of knowing our own cup size as well. Sure, watching others may be educational for us, but if we don’t take the time to learn about ourselves, we are putting ourselves and others in harm’s way. The last thing we need is to reach our breaking point while supporting others.

We should know when our plate is full. We should also be able let others know when enough is enough before it becomes too much.

People cannot see individuals as well as a person can.

People cannot see individuals as well as a person can. This is worth repeating because we often assume that they can. We may be the only one that sees a person becoming overwhelmed. Talk to them. Let them know that you care.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed without realizing we are at that point. This is how we take care of each other. Teamwork makes the dream work. Sometimes, just letting someone know that they aren’t alone is enough.  Who knows maybe that super big gulp could use a little help from the sippy cup to take the edge off. We all have our limits. That’s what makes us human. It’s how we treat those that are at their limits that make us humane.


2 thoughts on “Stress And Cup Sizes

    DailyMusings said:
    March 13, 2016 at 6:12 am

    love this

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    Xeno said:
    March 13, 2016 at 6:26 am

    Teamwork makes the dream work, yeah!

    I want that cup in the picture at my apartment XD

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