In/Out’s Of Us/Them

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It’s not easy being alone. Being in a group makes life easier. In a group, we can support each other. Teamwork makes the dream work. Unity builds cities and great country. It also divides.

There are four types of movement within a group.  There are the ins/outs and the ups/downs. Ins and outs develop an “us” and “them” mentality. This is the foundation for prejudices. Prejudice should not be limited to just racism, although that is a common form. Any manner that we can divide humanity will produce some form of prejudice, rich/poor, young/old, rural/urban, etc. The second movement within a group is up/down. This defines the ranks or classes of members in a group. This divides the elite from the common. People will do almost anything to be recognized as an elite if you put them in the right group.

Put enough groups together and you will find that we have a community. Communities build towns. Towns build counties. Counties build states and states build a country. A country is only  good as its supportive tiers. Our prejudices will be the downfall of our country. I’m not stating that we should abandon our communities. On the contrary we should monitore and audit the in/out’s and the up/down’s. Not everyone will fit into our community. That’s alright. However,  we should never turn our backs on someone just because the don’t meet our expectations.  Chances are, we don’t meet their’s either.

I am selective of who I keep close to me. This does not mean that I look down or judge those that I keep at a distance.  That should never be the case. Everyone adds their own color to this world and should be shown the respect they deserve. By keeping an open mind we can learn to appreciate the value that we all bring to this world. 🙂


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