If Today Was The Last

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We commit ourselves to a deadly act every day. Although we have no intention of dying or causing harm to ourselves, we walk a tight wire of luck. What is this odious act? Nothing spectacular or noteworthy, we simply get our vehicle and drive. It’s the number one killer of people between the ages of 15 and 24 in the US. The worse part is that you can be the best driver on the road and still be taken out by a less cautious driver.

The reason I bring this topic up is not to bad mouth anyone’s driving. No, I simply want to shine a light on the fact that tomorrow is not promised to us. We should live each day as though it was our last, but prepare for the future. With this mindset, we find that petty arguments no longer matter. Helping others has a new value. And most of all, we end up treating our loved ones better.  We stop taking each other for granted. All too often I see people mistreat their loved ones with the mindset that they will still be family or they’ll still be married.  Death shines an odd light on the “still be” attitude.

So as we go forth on this new day, I implore you to seize the moment with your best foot forward.  For we may find that it was our last. And when that day comes and we look fate in the eye, we will be able to say “I gave it my best.”


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