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Attack before being attacked.  This is the mindset of many. They would rather deal out damage than take it. It’s a juvenile thought that has transferred to adulthood. Why would we want to hurt others?  At what point do we lash out?

Truth is, most of us do not want to hurt others. However, after being attacked we tend to be more defensive. How many times can we kick a dog before it bites back? The answer is once too many. The problem is that it’s a dog. In the US, if a dog bites someone there is a good chance that the dog will be put down. Cats, birds, gerbils, or any other pet will have the offense overlooked.

Once we attack somone, verbally or physically, we are labeled as an attacker. It doesn’t matter what transpired before the incident. The fact remains that we now hurt others. So how do we prevent such labeling?

The key is to always be professional. Never lose your cool in front of others. If we feel ourselves slipping, then we should excuse ourselves and cool off. Restrooms are everywhere and they usually have a free stall. Once composed, we should join our group. From there, it is your decision on whether you stay or leave.

Staying professional is not an easy task. We all lose our cool at sometime. Setting some time aside to blow off steam is a healthy decision. We manage our budget,  food, and alcohol.  We should also manage our stress level. Taking time to release tension is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Life is too short to stay mad. Relax before being asked to relax is the best course of action when it comes to being our best. 🙂


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