Getting Over The Generation Gap

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We never grow old. Our bodies may grow old, but we do not age in the same manner.  This is why people in their 80’s and 90’s often forget their age. To have the same mentality as a 30 year old person but the body of an elder can present a conflicting situation.We need to keep this in mind when dealing with older generations.  Do not cater or try to pamper them. Rather, assist them if they need it. Talk to them.

We don’t want to hear the problems of others,  but we love to tell ours. Allowing others verbally unwind is actually healthy if done moderation. Constantly allowing someone to complain is not healthy. I have found that the most popular discussions were about the weather, appointments, current or local news, and how the family is doing. Never tell an elder your problems unless you are ready for some tough love. Never reciprocate that tough love. It will only complicate the conversation.

As stated, we do not grow old.  We simply gain more experiences. Some of us will find ourselves looking at the younger generation as they try to talk about nothing. The only difference is we will have a different position in the conversation. So take it to heart when it’s said that the elderly appreciate our conversation.


One thought on “Getting Over The Generation Gap

    Patricia Ann said:
    March 1, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    Yes we do! 🙂

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