No One Steals Chopsticks

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I get asked why I eat with chopsticks at work. Truth is, no one steals chopsticks.  If it can be eaten with a fork or fingers, I’m more than likely eating it with chopsticks.  It also takes me longer to eat with them but that’s what I love about them. I find that I actually chew my food better when I eat with chopsticks. Yes, there was a learning curve. My hand did get tired at first. And, I did need to work on my coordination. Once I got past the obstacles, using chopsticks became a lot better.

I have a set of stainless steel ones that I love to use. The wooden chopsticks are great due to the fact they have better gription (not a word). The smoother the surface of the sticks, the more challenging they are to use.  I have a set of light saber chopsticks that are impractical  to use due their flimsiness. Although I have them with the other sticks, I will not be using them.

I still use forks and knives at the house, but when I’m around my coworkers, the sticks are out. Because no one steals chopsticks 🙂


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