I’m Not Mad. I’m Just Not Smiling.

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Often when people ask me if I am mad or upset I will have to explain that I was thinking or reading. It’s noteworthy how important it is for us to see others smile. With a quick glance at a person we will assume that everything is well with them. We learn this as a child. I cannot count the number of times I was told to fix my face. This is the foundation of learning to smile regardless.

When was the last time we smiled because we didn’t want to concern others? Is this considered a lie? However we may see it, it is deception. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to trouble others. We do, however, need to be mindful of the message that we send. If we need help and don’t ask for any, we cannot blame others for misinterpreting our sitiation due to the faux smile we have chose to transpose to the world. 

I’m not the smiling type. However, I don’t walk around with a scowling face. It has become a common practice in my current Command to ask how someone is doing before making any requests from them . This affords everyone a chance to be honest.  As my coworkers engage with me, they learn to read when I am happy, irritated, or just reading.  Learning to read others is an important skill that most people do not have. 

I am a very happy person. I just happen to like wearing my smile on the inside.  🙂


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