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What’s in it for me? I get asked this question a lot. People want to gain something from everything. We’ve got to make that profit. If there is no gain then there must have been a loss.

I blame media for this mindset. Media portrays caring people as weak. The good die young. We have to finish first. Second place is the first place looser. Do unto others before they do it to you. How juvenile? 

For those that ask what’s in it for me, nothing is in it for you. There is only self gratitude. But due to the depreciated value of gratitude, everyone expects more.  For this reason, we need to do better. It starts with us. If someone asks for help, don’t ask for payment. If they offer payment without being asked, then that different.  Don’t expect payment.  Help others for no other reason than to help others. 

There is nothing in it for us.

By placing a greater value on pride, gratitude, satisfaction, and self-improvement, we find that there is something in it for us. This is perhaps one of life’s most hidden treasure. 🙂

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