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If there was one thing that Sally hated, it was the commute to and from work. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry, everyone but her. She was not the type to rush to work. She was a manager’s assistant, and loved her job. For her, it was easy. However, she never rushed to work. She drove two seconds behind everyone. Other drivers took this as a gesture of “Hey try to squeeze in here.” She had learnt how to tell if someone was about to come over into her lane. There was that tell-tell sign of weaving that they would do. As if they couldn’t drive straight while checking their mirrors. This gesture had also replaced turn signals. This is New Orleans, we don’t use blinkers here. Sally chuckled as she watched a car slide into her lane without using blinkers. Traffic came to a stop at a red light. She took this opportunity to look around. Everyone looked bored out of their minds with no expressions on their face. Could it be that everyone has turned to zombies and they were just going through their morning routine out of pure habit? She looked at the red light. It turned green. Wait for it. A car raced across the intersection in front of everyone.

“And that’s why we count to three before proceeding through a new green light.” she said out loud.

The radio was playing softly. There was no need to let the whole world know that she was playing some local jazz bands mp3s. Traffic started rolling again and everyone was back to their old antics. Sally enjoyed listening to jazz while she drove. The tempo seemed to match her surroundings. For her, it made the ride more enjoyable. Another light stopped traffic. She was the second car at the light. The guy beside her looked over at her with a dull expression. The corners of his mouth was dropped to a non-expressive frown. Bags under his eyes declared a lack of restful sleep. Sally gave him a big grin just to cheer him up. He turned away without changing his expression.

“He was impressed with you Sally.” she stated.

The light turned green. The car in front of her dart out. An explosion of metal colliding erupted in front of her. She watched in horror as a semi-truck swept the car sideways. Everyone froze out of shock. That just happened! She exclaimed to herself. She quickly hit the phone button on her steering wheel.

“Dial 911.” She instructed as she began to cautiously drive through the intersection.

The 911 operator came online and Sally described what she had witnessed. The operator stated that she was dispatching an emergency response team to the site. Sally clicked the button and ended the call.  She was trembling. She had never witnessed anything so violent before. She was for certain that she had just watched someone’s last moments. We really never know when it is our time to go. She thought to herself. The last light on her rout turned red and she sat there looking forward the whole time. When the light turned green she counted, “One, two…” a car shot across in front of her running a red light. This is why we count to three. She reminded herself.


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    christiwalk said:
    December 10, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    Wow. Captivating. In such a short space.

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