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Leaping into the air for his attack Tyler realized that his attack was a little precocious. Looking to his side he realized that he had left his sword in his bedroom. There was no time for him to retract his last action as the black beast had already spotted him. The beast was smaller than he was and had a horrible stench that could kill a grown man with on sniff.

Tyler knew that he had to fight this beast with brute strength. Getting a running start he tackled the beast. His chest burrowed into the beast as the force of the impact flung the two into a roll. End over end the two wrestled. The beast roared with a deafening tone. The stench of garbage extruded from the beast’s mouth.

“TYLER! Stop playing around and take out that garbage.” His mother snapped.

“Yes, mom.” Tyler conceded.

Tyler looked at the bad of garbage. The top was starting to come untied from all of the battling. The beast looked worse for wear. Tyler could see that the beast meant no harm and had changed his disposition.

“There, there, big fellow.” Tyler said as he comforted his battle worn fiend. “We’ve had a long and hard battle you and I, but there is no reason that we cannot come to terms.”

After putting the garbage back in that had spilt out, Tyler retied the top. Seeing that the beast had no legs and no arms he decided to assist is fiend to his final destination. Tyler swung the beast onto his back and the beast let out a small roar of pain. The beast was heavy but Tyler was relentless in his quest. A new friendship would be forged from this endeavor.

“Hang in there buddy. We are almost there.” He coached.

With each step he got closer and closer to his final goal. He was determined to complete the quest. The beast roared in pain with each step Tyler took. The two marched on finding strength and encouragement from each other. Reaching the Can of Holding Tyler place the beast into the can. The beast sat on a pocket of air that was trapped under it. Slowly the air escaped and the beast settled into the Can of Holding. Tyler watched as his new found friend settled into his new home.

“Rest easy my friend.”

And with that Tyler headed back inside. He was proud of how he was able to help his friend despite their differences. Maybe some day all heroes will learn to be like him. He smiled as he approached his mom.

“What else can I help with.”

“If you would load the dish washer and start it, that would be great.” She said not knowing that she had just delegated a new quest.

Tyler stood in front of the cubical cave of cleaning. He slowly lowered the entrance. Turning towards the sink, he found himself surrounded. He was out numbered, one hundred to one. Little did the onslaught of villains know, that how this is how our eight year old hero liked it.



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