Learning to Lead, not Boss.

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Into the mind of a controller:

Time is a constant change. Often, we try to repeat an event only to have a different result present itself.

“Timing is everything.”

There is movement all around us. Nothing remains exactly the same from one moment to another. And yet, we get surprised or disappointed when things don’t go our way. No matter how hard we try to control a situation it seems to go out of control. Is it out of control, or is it out of our control? This question strikes a chord with a lot of people. We like to think that we have control. If we have control, then we have power. Power means that we matter. We want to matter. Losing control means losing that power and losing our chance to say “Look at what I did.”

If we matter, then focus is on us. That focus means that someone knows that we exist. What good is life if no one knows we exist. We must show what we have done for the greater good. We are important and we will show it. We will control our environment and everything in it. Subjugation brings control. The more control we have, the more events will go our way. We will show others how to correctly complete tasks in order to get the correct results. “Our way will be done.”

An outside opinion.

Parents, we are not your children. Your way is not the only way. Stop dictating to us you views on how things should be done.

I have found that a lot of parents have trouble controlling who they dictate to. They get into the mindset of teaching their children and raising them with guidelines. There is nothing wrong with this until this mindset is applied to those who are not their children.

“Well, sometimes people need to be taught a lesson.”

A person might as well say a person needs to learn who the boss is. Listen closely. We are not bosses. We raise our children and teach them life lessons, but that’s it. We do not govern anyone else. We are solely responsible for ourselves and ourselves only. Some jobs may come with positional authority. Those jobs require us to be leaders, not bosses. Get it?

To boss: give (someone) orders in a domineering manner.

To lead: to go before or with to show the way.

We are not to control each other. At no time should we dominate another person. We are, after all, equal. Right? If we are forcing our way, and our way only, then we are not taking the time to learn new ways. Someone may have a better, more efficient way of completing a task. If we are domineering, then we are not open minded to learn. We should always take a moment to insure that we are not oppressing others in order to facilitate our needs.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and may we always be good leaders.


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