Is Our Love Symbiotic or Synergetic

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there are no drum solos

I have always lived life to the beat of my own drum beat. This life, I have had the privilege of living, has taught me to see things at a different angle. What if we were all equal? What if the only differences were gender and clinal? What if a woman is suppose to support her spouse, and a man is suppose to do the same thing, until death separates them? How does a person live with the same person for their whole life?

We are all equal. This falls under the statement of “No one is better than I am, and I am better then no one.” We are to treat each other with love and respect. At no time should we ever dominate another person’s life. No one is subservient to us. No one has to get our beer, clean our house, or do what we say. On the flip side of that we are not subservient to anyone. We do not owe anyone anything.

Now, here is where we often see, but we don’t understand. When a person, male or female, is loved, they will cater to that person. When two people love each other, they will cater toward each other. This does not mean that if I show affection to someone they will do my bidding. I know. It may sound crazy, but that’s not how things work. The relationship must be synergetic not symbiotic. If only one person benefits from the relationship, then we have a “parasite and host” relationship. The parasite gains all of the benefits and the host gains none, or very little. In a synergetic relationship both members gain and give equally. There is no competition. Happiness flourishes in both partners in a synergetic relationship.

Which one of our nature is more dominate, Humility or Pride? In truth, they should be equal. When these two are balanced, it is easier to give and take. We are able to see and understand each other’s needs and wants better. This is not taught in our societies. It does not make drama. Therefore, it isn’t shown on our TV. Are we replicating what we see on TV in our own relationship? Are we addicted to drama to the point that we will bring it into our lives? Love is like a river. It will make us weightless as we free fall over the edge. It’s fast and exciting as the rapids. And, it’s slowly drifts along the edges, calm and serene. Love has many faces, but drama is not one of them.

Which relationship are we in, symbiotic or synergetic? If symbiotic, what steps can be taken to make it synergetic? If both sides are not willing to give and take equally, then a synergetic relationship will never occur. I stated earlier that I live life to my own drum beat. That is not entirely accurate. My wife and I have been married since 1996. We both have similar morals, but different views. We both have our own drum beat, but they are synchronized. Our love is synergetic. Once this type of love is felt, both members in this relationship will strive to maintain it. We both have changed and grown over the years. Who we were when we first got married is not who we are now. The reality of love must always be checked. Reality is 100% perception. Is our perception true?

Thanks for taking the time to read, and may we always have a synergetic love.


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