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Two people wrapping their arms around each other. There’s no exchange of words, but the emotional transfer is evident. Love, compassion, or condolences are just a few foundational emotions that are behind each hug we give.  A hug is a simple gesture that means so much. It is a manner in which we let each other know that we care. Imagine this world without hugs, without being able to hold and comfort one another. It carries so many words without saying anything. Hugs provide comfort when we are scared. It shows support for our accomplishments. It shows forgiveness and understanding when we do not have the words to say it. Now multiply that emotion, and tighten the grip. That, my friends, is when the hug becomes stronger. It becomes an embracement. When we go from hugging to embracing something magical happens. A floodgate of emotions is opened, and that hug is leveled up. There is no second guessing the message of an embrace. So, next time you go to hug someone, squeeze a little tighter. Hold for a little longer. Level up that hug and embrace them. They may end up embracing you back.


One thought on “Hugs

    grammyg53 said:
    May 25, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Wow… Amen to ALL of this! <<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>> God Bless You!

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