Knowledge is not power.

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There are two types of knowledge, general and specific. General knowledge is a broad spectrum of information, while specific knowledge is organized and focused. As we learn we gather information. That information is explained and we understand the information. This turns information into knowledge. Think of this process as turning trees into lumber. After we have gathered a substantial amount of knowledge, we need to organize it. As we group and organized this knowledge we slowly go from general knowledge to specific. Going back to the lumber, sorting our the lumber will identify our pillars, studs, and runners. Now for the fun part. Knowledge is the bridge that turns desire into reality. As we start to utilize and apply our organized specific knowledge, our actions pursue and build what we desired into reality. This is taking the lumber that we cut and start building a bridge. If we had taken the lumber and just thrown it at the bridge site, how effective would that pile of lumber be? Not very, to say the least. This is why taking the time to organize and apply the knowledge is so important. Knowledge is not power. It has potential, but it is not kinetic. A bridge is a powerful asset in crossing a river, but it has no power.

So, to recap from previous posts. We must first identify our desire. Go through the steps to start obtaining that desire. Step two, have faith. Faith is the driving force behind obtaining our desire. Next we need to utilize autosuggestion to focus our mind and energy towards obtaining our desire. The next process is obtain and organize knowledge. As I cover the next steps in later blog please keep in mind that each of the steps are continuous. Do not start a step then stop and go to the next step. Continue to perform each step daily. If applied in this order we will see results. I have turned a lot of my desires into reality. I must admit when I started each process, I had know idea how it would happen. This is where faith comes in. My biggest desire was to be happy. Happiness is something that is obtainable, so is financial independence and other desires. All we have to do is know how to make the journey.

Thanks for taking the time to read. May we also understand the knowledge we seek.


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