Finding Happiness

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Search for the happiness that consumed our souls when we were children. Live the imagination that was reality back then. Run free as the wind and live each day with a smile. Always laughing and playing all the while. Life has not changed, only the people on it’s stage. We are the ones that control happiness, joy, and rage. As a child, life comes easy, We took the time to laugh at jokes that were cheesy. Stress, anger, and resentment fill our life. We get so wrapped up in our daily strife. We callous ourselves to the things that bring peace. We never take the time to vent nor the time to release. We eat our daily brown bag heart attack, One burger with fries in a brown paper sack. We fight and turmoil over money. We’re so stress out, nothing seems funny. When do we stop, and look at the soul in the mirror. When do we stop, and face our fear. Will we ever learn to let go, and be free again? It starts with a laugh from a joke, that turns into a grin. Stop running a race. Stop keeping pace. Stop looking for the next word that is going to rhyme in this post. We often to so wrapped up in the little things that we forget to enjoy the message. This is not poetry. This is life. We need to learn to handle stress as a child, but live as adults. This is where we find our happiness. Be tender. Be humble. Be kind. Put others first, just to see how it feels. Show compassion to a stranger, with no expectation of return. It’s a cold world. Be the source of warmth for the soul. Bring happiness to others, so that you will be able to find it too.

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