Utilizing Autosuggestion

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Similar to meditation, autosuggestion requires relaxing the mind. With autosuggestion, a person focuses on what they desire. If a person desires happiness, the mind will sort out how to become more happy. The steps to happiness are clearer. In order for autosuggestion to work, a person must accept change. Just as our body heals itself so does our mind. All we have to do is allow it.

This is how I found my happiness. I use to be angry all the time. Trust me, this works, and not just for happiness. I wanted people to pay me interest like a bank. I now have people paying me 7% interest. No, I’m not a loan shark. Yes, it’s all legal and regulated by the SEC. Autosuggestion is just another tool that I use along with meditation. Both are different, but equally as important.

Thanks for reading, and may we always find our happy place.

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