Turning Desire into Reality

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Desire is defined as a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. We all have desires. It’s what drives us to be successful. Have you ever attempted to achieve something only to fail due to your lack of interest? It’s not your fault. The desire to pursue that achievement was not there. Desire is a powerful force. It’s what drives people to rob stores, invade other countries, build skyscrapers, and compose beautiful music. I am in no way condoning robbery or invading other countries. These are mere examples. So how can we turn our desires into reality?

First, define what it is you want. Let’s say your desire is for another car. Don’t just tell yourself that you want a car. Be specific, and I mean list every little detail. What year, model, make, color, interior options, exterior option, price, and gas mileage do you want your car to have? Can you see your next car? See yourself driving in that car. Picture every detail.

Secondly, Determine what you are willing to give for that car. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. List the exact price. Do you plan on financing it, or do you plan on saving the total amount for it? Maybe, you just want to put a huge down payment on it, and pay the rest through a loan. Does this car fit your budget? Do you need a new job or a new career in order to get the car you desire? If so, go to the first step and define your new job or career.

Thirdly, establish a date. Please, for the love of jelly beans, do not say tomorrow and be disappointed when it fails. We are talking long term commitment. Yes, 30 days can be a long term for some goals, or a year, or even 5 years. This is 100% up to you. You know your capabilities better than anyone else. Be honest with yourself.

Lastly, Create a plan. What steps do you plan on taking in order to achieve your desire? Going from point A to point B takes steps. Define each step and know exactly what each step requires. Now, here is the most important part of this. Take a piece of paper and a pen, and handwrite these steps out. There is no getting around this step. Skip it and you increase your chances for failure. When we write on paper we commit to memory. We visualize each step as we write it down. Now that you have your steps written down post them on your bathroom mirror so that you will see it. Read it every morning when you wake up and every evening before bed.

Anything can be achieved. You first must have the desire. Do not confuse desire with want. Want is a candle flame compare to the bonfire of desire. I have used these steps in achieving everything that I desired. With that being said, I very humble. I’m not the kind of person to desire fast cars and big houses. I may want them, but in reality, I don’t desire them. They don’t fit who I am. It is important to be honest in defining what is desired and what is just a want.

May we always get what we desire. Thanks for reading.


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