A Slight Case of Gerascophobia

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Take a moment to say I love you, for you never know when the last breath will come. Often times it comes as a thief in the night when we last expect. That unexpected phone call that says they’re gone. For some it’s not that obvious. Days melt into weeks, weeks into years, and years into scores. Before we know it we are staring at the face of an old person in the mirror. Where did the time go? The soul doesn’t age as the body does. Young in spirit, old at heart. The younger generation will never have time for us. We require too much attention, and they have their own life to live. Until one day they are looking in the mirror at the same fate that met us.

Take a moment to look at yourself, for you will never be this young again. Even 75 is young to an 95 year elder. At what age do we become old? Is there a set age limit for youth and vitality? Is it 40, 50, or even 60. At the age of 60 do I not still have a lot of life left, or is death knocking on my door? When will our children turn to us and say we must put you in a nursing home? Fear strikes a lot of people, when it comes to getting old. We fear that we will be thrown into a home, left and forgotten. We fear that our children will want nothing to do with us. Suppose they take their inheritance and never speak to us again. What then?

Fear is not to be had in the heart. It only creates bad health and worriment. Tomorrow will come and a new day will bring new adventures.  As we get older our minds will get more feeble, but do not worry about how you will be tended to. Life will go on. You will be fed. You will be clothed. You will have health care provided. Learn to live life and be happy, so that when that day comes and you are staring in the mirror, you will be staring at happiness. Do not take life too seriously. It will laugh at you and with you every chance it gets. Smile, even if it is on the inside. This is the first step in being happy. Forgive everyone, including yourself. Guilt is a reminder, not a wall. Everyone deserves to be forgiven. We all will grow old. Question is, how will you take it?


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