110%-Production Stressed Out Hero!

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“I’m Giving 110%!” We all have heard this before. Some person who thinks they are pulling more weight than anyone else and they want to complain that others are not keeping up. Unfortunately telling them to shut their “cake hole” would be inappropriate and unprofessional. So, how do we battle the braggart and win. Simply use math. Numbers never lie. People have often injected human error into numbers and made them look good, but that’s not what I mean. I am speaking of the cold hard factual numbers that can’t be debated.

When you give everything, and I mean everything, you give 100%. People will come along and say “Oh look you surpassed the quota by 120%.” That does not mean that you gave 120%. It means you gave everything you had and your 100% = 120% of the companies expectation. But, it looks like you are giving 120%. It looks like you are a superstar, and a top performer. And, maybe you are, because you gave a 100% and did not settle for giving 80% to meet the mere quota expectation.

That company quota is set to the standard that comes from a lot of studies. It shows what the average person can do over a long period of time. So to that braggart that comes along stating that they gave 110% I say “bologna”. They have only been giving 90% of their capability and suddenly they gave 100% of their full potential and act like they pulled off a miracle.

“Hello mister shiny pants. Welcome to the workforce.”

Should a person always give 100%. With time management it can be done. You have to implement down time. You need to take breaks. The less you apply yourself the less breaks you will need. However, it is important to point out that when “not working” you are not working. We all know that guy that goes home with work, come to work with work. I bet he even showers with work. I’m just saying. Everyone needs sometime to get away. Clear your mind and stop thinking about work. Take this time to spend with family, a hobby, friends, or anything, just not work.

Take the time to look at your stress level. Are you stressed? Do you have a hard time getting the proper rest? Are you enjoying your days? Now look at your production. Are you working all of the time? I did not ask “are you at work all of the time?” Is sleep the only form of rest that you take? If the answer is yes, then slap your self in the forehead and say “I could of had a V8.” It is important to take breaks throughout the day. You will be more productive with more rest, than with out. If I am typing at my desk and I start to get aggravated, I stop, slowly inhale, and slowly exhale. I repeat this several times to get my blood pressure down. If this doesn’t help then I go for a small 5 minute walk around the office. This affords me the time to clear my mind, to think clearly, and enjoy the moment. “Don’t forget to smile.” Trust me, my thinking face looks like an angry face. I do not want to walk around looking like the disgruntle employee that is about to show up on the six o’clock news.

So back to the person that brags about how much work he does. I wanted to point fingers at that gentleman first. It’s always easier to evaluate others be for evaluating ourselves. But sometimes we need to take a hard long look in the mirror. Are we like that guy that’s working his backside off an getting aggravated that no one else is doing as much as we are? Are we getting stressed over nothing? Do we need to just chill and relax?

A person cannot give more than 100% of their talent. So next time you hear someone going off about “110%“, take the time to chuckle. But in doing so,we should ensure that we are not following their footsteps. It is possible to give 100% at work, but we should never make it a standard to  compromise our health or family for the sake of production.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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