Drama, what is it good for?

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Why are we drawn into drama? How can we see the right from the wrong? How can we prevent drama? These are all good questions. To start, let’s look at what drama is. Drama is simply a conflict or contrast in characters. Drama is often brought by people who like to argue or have opposing opinions. These individual will often quickly escalate their point of view into an argument as a way of winning the debate. The dramatic person knows that the majority of people do not like to argue. Winning these debates gives the person a sense of victory.

If we are caught up in an argument with someone who always has an opposing view, how can we make them see that we are right? Believe it or not, we can’t. If someone has their mind set on winning the debate, they will say anything in order to get the last word in. Basically put, they will beat you down with their ignorance. The best thing to do is shut up. Seriously. There is no such thing as a one sided argument. There has to be opposition.

I’ve only spoke of verbal drama so far. There is another type that, in my opinion, is far worse. These are the people who bring drama to life. They start animosity Their enmity towards others happiness often drives them to cause grief. These individuals don’t just verbalize their opposition, they set up scenarios in order to prove their point. They use stress and pain as their tools in order to prove their point. Some of these individual are so good at setting up others for failure that they do not appear to be involved. How? Simply put, “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.” By starting rumors and causing friction between two people, that is how they produce their drama.

How do we stop this from happening? Once again, stop. Look at what is happening. Oil and water will separate itself once the jar stops shaking. Yes, it will take time. But, it will happen. When drama happens, walk away. At a distance, look at what is happening. Stick with the facts. Let your emotions go. Why did this happen? What started it? When did it start? Who was all involved? When we take the time to look at the situation from a distance we see a completely different picture. This process has saved a lot of friendships for me. It also identified who I should drop as a friend.

When looking at a situation from a distance it is important not to bring the emotions you felt into the new picture. If you were in the wrong then you were in the wrong. We all have been there. Being honest is huge in determining what happened. With that being said, don’t jump on the grenade in order to save others. Weigh the views and see how they fall. Do not let guilt drive you into pointing the finger at yourself. This will not do anyone justice.

How can we prevent this from happening in the first place? Take a lesson from me. Everyone does not need to be your friend. Just because you have their back does not mean that they will have yours. I had to learn to evaluate the people around me. I found out that a lot of people were not worth my time. I was more of an asset to them than they were to me. A lot of the people I called friends were bad investments. My time is precious. Now I choose very cautiously who I keep close and who I keep at a distance. I am a happier person for it. Sure, at the time I was the life of the party, Everyone was laughing. Most of them were laughing at me, and a few were laughing with me. Drama is a beast and should be removed from your life. There should not be any place for a person who lives to start animosity. Take the time to evaluate others. Do they bring drama into your life? If so, are they willing to change? If not are they worth keeping in your life. Remember, it’s your life. Who you keep in it is up to you.

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