My first bike ride in an automobile.

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It all started at 9am. We had beautiful weather, the bikes were starting to show up, and birds were singing their morning songs. Indeed this was a great morning to go riding. The sign-in sheet was passed around. Everyone buddied up and inspected each others bike. No one inspected their own bike. I thought this was a brilliant idea. Once everyone was signed-in and inspections were done the lead rider gave a breif on hand signals, emergency stopping, and what road conditions we could expect.


All of the bikes roared with life and soon we were riding down the highway with the wind in our hair and freedom at our feet… except for me. I followed in my Flex as transport number two. We had two vehicals for transport, and a spectacular plan. If a bike stopped then the first transport would tend to that bike while the second transport would continue with the group. This way the group would always have a transport assisting with traffic.


It was fun to watch other vehicles as they approached the string of bikes with more caution being exercised than I expected to see. Maybe they questioned if the bikers were in a gang, or maybe they slowed down to look at the bikes. Whatever the reason, it was cool to see. We drove down to Venice LA. It was around 67 miles one way. The local marina was glad to have us for lunch. They had tables and stools under a pavillion next to the boat dock. The water was absolutely awesome to see. Boats came trolling in for fuel and country music filled the air. Yep, this was a great way to spend a Friday.


Soon it was time to hit the road again and head back to the house. This time I took the role of transport number one. With the bikes leading the way, we all settled into our groove. Traffic was still going good, and approaching with the same mount of awareness. An hour flew by and everything was smooth. Then all of a sudden tail lights went on and I hit the hazzard lights. We all pulled over. Traffic reacted promptly and got over into the other lane to give us room. With everyone, in the sub-group, safely pulled over, I got out and asked what happened. Ends up one of the bikes had overheated and an emergency light come on. After a quick look it was deemed that the bike could make it to the next gas station. Riders mounted their bikes and we took off. We caught up to the main group who was waiting for us. The sub-group turned off with the secondary transport and I continued with the main group. The rest of the ride went uneventful and soon the sub-group made it back safe and sound as well.
It was really great to see all of our preparation come together and work. The major factor that we had no control of was the weather. Thankfully it cooperated. Monday we had a tornado touch down on our base.You can imagine why we were aprehensive about the skies for today. All in all it was a great ride, and I am looking forward to the next one.



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